In case you were wondering what my instagram is like… for some reason..

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Tbh, tumblrs started depressing me with all there I wanna kill myself shit so thats why Im gradually stoping using it. Hope ppl werent so sad about everything and could see how beautiful this world is

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Omg I was excited bcuz victorias secret fashion show was coming to london in december and I really really wanted to go but then I looked up more information AND IT IS FUCKING 12000£ LIKE WTF I dont even get that in a year are u ppl mad or wut

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it’s hard to be swaggie in this economy 

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También es bueno tener días de no hacer nada. Permitirnos sólo estar acostados en el piso, en la cama, soñando. De vez en cuando, sólo llorar, sólo escuchar los sonidos, sólo disfrutar.



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